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Accents AsiaJournal of the Teachers College Columbia University Japan Alumni Association

Current Issue: Volume 12 Issue 1, December 2019

Proceedings from the 2018 Tokyo ETJ Expo  [Special Issue]

Foreword to the Special Issue
Terry Yearley, Saitama Universtiy


Fostering a Positive Learning Environment through Ideal Classmates
Wendy Davis, Temple Universtiy, Japan


Encouraging Students to Express Meaningful Opinions Based on Their Values

Ken Ikeda, Otsuma Women's University


Moments of Second-Language Conversation outside of the Formal Language Classroom

Nathan Krug, Saitama University


A Course to Foster Literature Appreciation in EFL Students

Robert Rowland, Seigakuin Universtiy


Perspectives, and Practitioner Support: A Literature Review

Jennifer Yphantides, Soka University

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This special issue of Accents Asia is a by-product of the 2018/19-season ETJ Tokyo ELT Expo and Book Fair, which was held on 22nd and 23rd February, 2019 at Otsuma Women's University, Chiyoda Campus, Tokyo. It represents a new aspect of the ETJ Tokyo Expo, whereby local teachers who gave non-commercial presentations were invited to write up their content as a paper, and submit it for publication. The requirements for presentations were that the content should be about language teaching or learning, and that they should not promote a product or service for profit or gain. This meant the potential scope of papers was quite wide, and the organisers anticipated articles ranging from the results of empirical studies to descriptions of favourite lesson plans.  

JALT Yokohama My Share 2019 [Special Issue]

Foreword to the Special Issue
Jennie Roloff Rothman, Kanda University of International Studies


Device Tools: An Alternative Approach to Language Learning with an iPad
Kayvon Havaei-Ahary 


Building Intrapersonal Intelligence and Self-Regulation Through Open-Ended Questions
Gota Hayashi, Tokyo Keizai University, Gakushuin University


Cultivating the 21st Century “4 Cs” in Language Classes
Mary Nobuoka, Keio University, Waseda University


Co-developing a Reflective Practice Tool for Native EFL Teachers in Japan: A Youth Participatory Evaluation Approach
Yusuke Okuyama, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Keio University and National Defense Academy, Japan
Lucinda Okuyama, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and National Defense Academy, Japan


Talk Corpus: A Web-based Corpus of TED Talks for English Language Teachers and Learners
Paul Raine, Keio University

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This special issue of Accents Asia comprises papers written by six of the presenters that spoke that day in June. Kayvon Havaei-Ahary explored the features and device tools available on iPads and explained how the language to use them effectively could become an integral part of the language learning experience. Gota Hayashi introduced research on a survey that he created to aid students’ development of self-regulation skills and intrapersonal intelligence. Mary Nobuoka shared The Dictionary Game, a clever way of teaching students vocabulary while also supporting the development of critical thinking skills. Lucinda and Yusuke Okuyama shared the process by which they worked with students to develop and produce a set of reflective practice questions for EFL teachers to use for improving their practice. Finally, Paul Raine introduced Talk Corpus, an app to aid effective use of TED Talks in the second language classroom by helping educators identify appropriately leveled talks for student proficiency levels.

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