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Charting New Courses: Second Language Action Research in Japanese Junior and Senior High Schools

Authors: Martin Darling, Yoko Munezane, Noriko Kurihara, Michael K. Leung, Asako Kato, Chris Hale

Edited By Chris Hale, Janell Pekkain, Kristen Carlson

Teachers working in junior and senior high schools in Japan often find it difficult to access action research applicable to their teaching context. There is no shortage of quality research at the university level in Japan, but comparatively little at the secondary level. In this, the first edited volume from Accents Asia, we have attempted to bridge this gap, and in the process show that not only are teachers producing stellar research, they are also challenging pre-conceived notions about what it means to teach and learn in what many deem to be an academically ridged education system. In this volume, teacher-researchers explore a range of topics including: Learner Autonomy, Global Issues, Student Motivation and Anxiety, Curriculum Development and Self-Access Language Learning.

Publication Date: Aug 08 2008

Publisher: Accents Asia Press

ISBN/EAN13: 1440411816 / 9781440411816

Page Count: 142

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